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Stop Voter Fraud

In America Happens Episode 5 “They Will Steal it Again… if we let them”, I started the process of going through voter records of where mail in ballots were delivered, and discovered that there are detrimental issues to our voter rolls. Voter fraud is not a myth. LINK:


  • We have ballots being delivered to locations that don’t exist.

  • We have ballots being delivered to dead people.

  • We have ballots going to Alzheimers facilities to elderly that are in hospice incapable of voting.

  • We have ballots being sent in mass to apartment “X”, mobile homes, storage units, and other non residential locations (which is illegal!)


There are a few things that need to be done in order for our vote to be safe, fair, and cheat proof.

  • Voter ID.

  • Audit and clean up all Nevada voter rolls.

  • Go back to paper ballots.

  • Film and livestream ALL the counting.

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