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Restore the Constitution

Our Constitutional rights are being violated every single day in so many ways, as there are powers within our government, corporate media, schools, and corporations, that are trying to move our beloved country toward authoritarianism, socialism and communism. This is unacceptable, but the reality is that unless we fight back, our God given rights, as written by our founders, will be robbed from us completely.


It is essential to protect our First Amendment Freedom of Speech rights, which have been stolen from us by Social Media Companies and the Mainstream media, as people are canceled and lives are destroyed simply because one does not subscribe to the often false main stream media narrative. 

It is essential to protect our Second Amendment, which was put in place by our founders to protect us from tyranny. I believe that not only should we protect our Second Amendment rights, we must STRENGTHEN our second Amendment rights. I am a proud NRA member and this is one of the most important issues for me and many Americans like me. 

Our Second Amendment reads “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” I am a staunch believer in expanding our 2nd Amendment rights to fit this vision of the founders, as right now, the 2nd amendment has been reduced down to a shell of its true self.

Our 14th amendment gives every US Citizen the right to due process, yet that God given right is violated on a daily basis, just a few examples being:

  • The unconstitutional family courts.

  • What's happening to the January 6 2021 protestors.

  • What’s happening under CPS (Child Protective Services).

  • A system with Political activist Judges who not only ignore our constitution, but scorn our constitution.

  • Just to name a few.

Our founders created a system for We The People, but through corruption on every level of our government, that has turned into a system that protects “We the Elite”, and that is absolutely unacceptable.

On the topic of Freedom of Speech, I believe it is important to adopt bills in Assembly like what has happened under Governor Desantis of Florida, where social media companies get fined for censorship. 

On the topic of 2nd Amendment Rights, I believe it is important to adopt bills in Assembly that cut down on any unnecessary restrictions and move this state toward the letter of the constitution as it is written, for example, conceal and carry laws. 

On the topic of 14th Amendment Rights, I believe reforming Family Court, while also pushing for suits against a tyrannical federal government that disavows due process is an important combination to move this state and this country back to honoring the constitution as written. 

We have a lot of work to do to get this train back on it's tracks. 

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