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Reform Family Law

I will not mince words about Family Law. It is the most corrupt industry that destroys the lives of parents and children for the financial gain of judges, lawyers and social workers. 

Before I get into the nitty gritty facts, I want to post some Podcasts and short documentaries I have done on the topic, which illustrate the crimes going on due to family law, which are nearly identical across all western countries, the US, UK, Canada and Australia. For this reason, some of these pieces of content below were shot in the UK, which is nearly identical in nature to what is happening in the USA. 

Family Law:

  • It is a 70 billion dollar a year industry.

  • There is no due process in family law.

  • There is no jury in family law.

  • A judge’s “discretion” is abused on a daily level, as a judge, with no evidence and nothing but his / her feelings, could make an innocent person an abuser, and even take that person’s child.

  • Parents are often alienated from their children due to false accusations.

  • There are dozens of parent suicides on a weekly basis because parents are kept away from their own children.

  • Fraud and perjury is often admitted into the court record.

  • Simple matters are intentionally made into complicated matters by family law lawyers, social workers, and judges, in order to extort as much money as possible from the parties involved.

  • The last thing on these Lawyers, Social Workers and Judges minds is the best interest of the children. 

  • There are literal bans of parents from a child’s life for non violent reasons. Some of these decade plus bans have come about due to a parent making social media postings.

  • Abusive parents are often given custody, while non abusive parents become alienated from their child.

  • New born and young children are put into forced adoption for things like a parent posing “Potential risk of future emotional harm.” The ridiculousness of this crystal ball method, is made worse by the fact that all you need is a social worker to say that they think you are a risk of potential future emotional harm to your child, and your own child could be taken from you into forced adoption with no due process.

  • PTSD accusations are often used to take a child. For example, if a parent was in an abusive relationship, and got PTSD as a result, social services can use that as a way to take that parent’s children. A social worker saying that one could be a threat based upon pure speculation is enough often to take that parent’s children away.

  • The sale of each child is 10s of 1000s of dollars in revenue, plus legal fees.

How to fix the family courts?

  • We need Jurys of our peers in these courts. Not having a jury when the stakes are ones children leads to gross 14th Amendment Violations in the courts of family law every single day. 

  • A Judge should not serve in Family Court unless they are a parent themselves.

  • A Judge should not serve in Family Court if they have any kind of criminal record, even if it has been expunged. 

  • When a criminal accusation is made, such as domestic abuse, it should be moved into the criminal courts, where they have a higher evidentiary standard. A criminal accusation can not be left up to the discretion of a judge in Family Court.

  • Perjury is a criminal act. The Issue with family law is that lawyers often tell their clients to lie because perjury is never punished in Family Courts. If someone commits a criminal act, perjury, or any other criminal act, then this act of perjury or any other criminal act needs to be moved from the Family Court, into the Criminal Court, so that a higher evidentiary standard could determine if a crime was committed.

  • Such perjury that is never punished, helps to drag out cases sometimes to years, because every time a lie is told, 'findings' need to be made. The family law system is made to serve the interests of billable hours, and so Judges, Lawyers and Social Workers, often in unison, allow unpunished perjury to drag out cases as long as they can.   

  • 50 / 50 parenting has to be the starting point. The only thing that should inhibit 50/50 parenting is an agreement by the parties to alter it, or actual provable endangerment issues, that meet a higher evidentiary standard than the must maligned and criminally abused "discretion of the Judge."

  • Trials cannot last more than six months and fines must be places to deter Lawyers, Social Workers, and Judges from allowing fraud and perjury that allows trials to be extended beyond six months, sometimes years. 

  • There has to be actual punishment when Judges, Lawyers and Social Workers break the rules. Today the main players in family court operate with impunity, with judicial reviews often ignoring the unlawful indiscretions of judges, no matter how much emotional and mental harm it does to the parties involved.

  • Id like to propose a third party oversight committee made up of citizens, specifically not members of the legal field, who review complaints against judges, social workers, and lawyers. 

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