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Rebuild Small Business, Build jobs

Nevada has the 4th highest unemployment rate in the country, and a lack of career options for people wanting to build a life in Nevada.  

Currently, hospitality is the main industry in Nevada.

Small business has been decimated due to Covid 19. Over 500,000 businesses nationwide have gone out of business due to the lockdowns, and its only going to get worse, likely peaking at 1,000,000 or even 2,000,000.

Nevada is also 50th in public school ratings, meaning we are dead last. Furthermore, violent incidents have been on the rise in schools across Nevada. 

Nevada, while fixing the education issue, which is further elaborated upon in the "Fix Education" section, also has to simultaneously diversify industries and job availability for children growing up in Nevada and Nevadans in general. The way to do this is regrow small business, bring new industry into the state by encouraging and promoting entrepreneurship. 

My vision for the future of Nevada is one that gets us as close to self sufficiency as possible, where our economy is diversified across multiple industries that provides this state with it’s essential needs, and essential spectrum of jobs and industries, where all Nevadans have a future in this state regardless of their chosen profession. Here are some ideas I am working on. This is just a start.

Build a Right leaning network in Vegas

Imagine if CNN had shows hosted by the likes of Steven Crowder, Tim Pool, Stew Peters, Steve Bannon, Salty Cracker, The Officer Tatum, Candace Owens, amongst others. Many of these online talents get more eyeballs than anything on the mainstream news media. CNN and other mainstream news media outlets are dying because they have lost credibility. Even with many of these shows and personalities above being banned off big tech platforms like Youtube, they have managed to retain an audience much larger than any left leaning news media network. 

The vision is to build a Right leaning news and entertainment network in Las Vegas. The television network we can build in Las Vegas will be the media network of the future, that caters to the values of the right leaning majority viewing population. There is a big shift going on now toward content produced with the values of a right leaning audience in mind. Even the likes of Mark Wahlberg have talked about leaving Hollywood to do more morally upright content. All those lost customers of Disney, Netflix, CNN, MSNBC and other left leaning networks are looking for media outlets that encompass their values. The gap in the market is there for Las Vegas to dominate as a media center for the right leaning akin to what L.A. is for leftism. 

There are many of our youth that aspire to a future in entertainment, and content creation. The reality, until recently, has been that such creative talents flock to Los Angeles for jobs in entertainment and content creation. But the unfortunate reality is that a content creator with right leaning ideals wont ever be able to produce such content in Los Angeles. 

There has been a massive rise in views for online right leaning shows that eclipses anything happening in the mainstream news media. Youtube and Google tried to ban all shows dealing with topics around: 1 - Covid 19, and the lies told to us. 2 - Voter Fraud. 3 - Media Corruption. 4 - Legal Corruption. 5 - Crimes and Misdemeanors of leftist politicians. Yet even with such immense draconian censorship, the right leaning shows online get numbers that the mainstream news media dreams about. The writing is on the walls. 

Just as the rise of Blaze TV, Newsmax, OAN have showed, there is a big new market being built as we speak and I believe that Las Vegas could be the main center of it. 

Tesla NV Energy

Id like to help bring Electric Car Manufacturing, not just battery manufacturing, to Nevada, and to also help build electric charging stations across the state. I’d like to establish a rebate for new purchasers of electric cars very similar to rebates that encourage the purchase and installation of solar panels. If cars were made in state, it would be safe to say that with such rebates, we would have the cheapest costing quality electric cars in the world.

Mass Grow Project / Mass Energy Creation

I like to come up with an incentives package to lure entrepreneurs into supporting a mass grow project for fruits and vegetables that supply the entirety of Nevada and beyond, utilizing a mass power grid of solar energy collection.


We have all the sunlight in the world, and that allows us to collect mass quantities of solar energy, which is used to light these mass indoor greenhouses. We also have a lot of land / space. 

This Mass Grow Project will provide for many jobs, bring the cost of fruits and vegetables down, and help utilize our large areas of land and plentiful natural energy from sunlight toward the goal of strengthening the Republic of Nevada.

The Entertainment Industry / Film and Television

States across the country like Louisiana and on foreign soil, like Canada, take billions of dollars worth of media revenue for film productions, and other sectors of film and television. My goal would be to build a film and tv commission that works on bringing $100s of millions of production dollars to different parts of Nevada, potentially offering tax credit incentives, while providing for well paying film production jobs, including for those fields as carpenters and set builders.

The Water Project

Underneath the ground, we have a lot of well water in Nevada. Id like to come up with a plan to harness and preserve that well water.


A lot of our water also goes to California, yet California exists on a coast line, where like Israel, they have plenty of water that they can desalinate and provide to the population. Id like for Nevada to reclaim some of the water that is being sent to California.

Water is a serious issue in Nevada, but I do believe we can solve this problem through innovation and out of the box thinking. 

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