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Fix Education

The Clark County School District started back in 1956, when the population of Las Vegas was 56,000.

  • Today the population is 2,839,000.

  • The population has increased 51 times! So too, it has increased significantly in diversification. 

  • We are 50th in education in the country, literally dead last, so it's pretty safe to say that whats currently the status quo is not working.

  • I would like to break up the school district into 5-7 parts, potentially even more, with regions controlling their own budgets, basic education curriculum, elective classes, and by-laws.

  • The idea is to create a more ‘quant’ community based model, inclusive of parents, where the parents could have a say in the quality of the education for their own children.   

  • I believe that while we should be making sure kids have the basic curriculum, we should also think of other innovative learning experiences that teaches children tangible survival, money saving, money making skills.

  • School choice for parents is a must! 

  • We are dead last, and frankly, we have nothing to lose. This should be seen as an opportunity to be innovative and make our school district one of the best in the nation.  

  • We should take this opportunity to look at revolutionary education models from around the world, cut back on waste, and invest in the children of Nevada, while also looking into creating a future for them here in this state, which I address in the tab Rebuild Small Business / Build New Industry in Nevada. 

Power Back to Parents

  • The simple premise is that parents should have a say in their children's education when it comes to a curriculum beyond the basic traditional curriculum. 

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