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Ive always had a thirst for investigative journalism, and in my 20+ year career as a TV producer and director, I have helped produce various investigative journalism pieces that revealed corruption behind topics like Covid 19, Voter Fraud, Censorship, Biden, the False Media Narratives (including Covid 19, Voter Fraud, the Iraq War), Family Law Corruption, and more. I love investigative work, and admire the role that institutions like Project Veritas play in revealing the face of corruption that is harming We The People. 


The reason I mention this front and center is because it is a defining characteristic of who I am. I am a descendant of a family that escaped tyranny to come to this great country, and so Ive always had an inclination to expose tyranny and corruption, and to jump into the fight, whenever I saw the rights of We The People violated. While producing and creating TV shows for networks like A&E, History, Discovery, Netflix, Vice and more, Ive always done this sort of investigative journalist work on my own time and dime, as I have a burning desire to reveal the truth about what is really going on in our world.

In the last 6 years, many things happened, both on a global level, and on a personal level, that caused me to run for office.


On a national level, I experience what many of us did, the horrors of censorship and authoritarianism, political corruption and violence, and rampant fraud. I watched as our cities were burned down, as rudderless politicians created and stoked racial tensions for political gain. I saw as foreign interests invaded our political and popular culture with socialist / communist agendas, and promoted the ridiculous agenda of wokism. I saw neighborhoods torn apart due to drug addiction, homelessness, and violence, all due to ridiculous policies and elitist dictator like governors, who had created their own caste system where the privileged lived by a different set of rules than WE THE PEOPLE. I saw schools turned into ultra violent war zones where teachers have to fear for their lives. 


On a personal level, I experienced the hand of tyranny when I worked in Toronto, Canada during a brief period as a visiting American television producer. I will say the short version of the story, which is that extremely corrupt things occurred against me and my family while we were up there, and what has given me the courage to not only speak up about it, but to also stand up against this tyranny, is inspired by what happened with the Freedom Truckers, when the sheer authoritarianism and dictatorship of Canada was revealed under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

I decided to run for office when after I saw what happened to the Freedom Truckers, it was followed by the silence of our political elite. That silence speaks volumes to me.

My parents and grandparents came from tyrannous countries, and escaped with their lives. I never thought that the kind of corruption would be happening so close to home. But then a multitude of world events happened, for example, Covid 19, unconstitutional lockdowns and mandates, the 2020 Election, the slaughter of small business (and the middle class), Severe Inflation, Jan 6 Protestors, the Freedom Truckers, and more.

These global events, in unison with my personal experiences, demonstrated to me that we are in the midst of a global move toward tyranny by an out of control and lawless elite. 

We cannot allow this tyranny and the enemies of freedom to seize our nation. America is the last frontier, but already too many of our institutions have been corrupted with political agendas, while our rights under our great Constitution have been robbed from us.

It's time that WE THE PEOPLE have a fighter in the state legislature where the laws and policies are made, and where we can have the power to Save Nevada, and ultimately, the United States of America. 

As President Ronald Reagan had so eloquently put it, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction."


The time to stand up against Tyranny is now.


The time to fight against Tyranny is now.


The time to win back the American Way of life is now. 

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