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"We are experiencing Tyranny as we speak. We The People must take the power back!"


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"I create my own media to speak directly to We The People about the causes that effect us."

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The Blood Money Podcast asks the guests the key question, "What does blood money mean to you?" Past episodes have explored: "The Covid Slaughter of Small Business"; "Voter Fraud and Governmental Corruption"; "The Unconstitutional Family Law industry"; "Censorship Free social media"; "The War Against Tyranny"; and more. 

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America Happens is an online documentary series that explores topics that the Main Stream Media wont. Past episodes have delved into: the corruption of divisive Fake News network CNN and the American blood on their hands;  the incoming "Build Back Better" agenda of Joe Biden and the globalists; the evidence of Voter Fraud in Nevada; the Covid 19 agenda; Family Law Corruption, and more. 

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This latest investigative journalistic piece above, "The Godfather of Family Law", shows how we have a broken Family Law legal system that is utterly corrupt, unconstitutional, and operates in an authoritarian style. If you ever asked yourself how the government felt emboldened to tell you how to raise your own children, then look no further than the family law industry, which has been unpatriotically destroying families, children and parents for the last 30+ years.



Assembly District 13

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